About Us

Mybooksforcheap.com is fina­lly a place where students of the same school can network with each other to buy and sell their books easily. The basic concept is simple, to buy a book select the school you atten­d, and type the ISBN, Author, or Title of the book you need. You will then see results from anyone at your school that has posted a classified type ad, and don’t worry if you don’t’ see a result from your school, Mybooksforcheap.com also pulls the results from websites we are all familiar with to assure you will get the best price. When you want to sell a book, all you have to do is create an account, fill out the information that will be required for the students to search, and wait for someone to contact you. The more you spread the word about the website the more books that will be available for everyone. We really appreciate you visiting and best of luck this semester.

Other Information

My Books For Cheap uses some resources which should probably be mentioned for legal purposes.

Some of the small 16x16 icons used on this website come from FamFamFam.

Other icons used on this website come from the Crystal project.

The RSS icon and info you see can be found on a relevant Wikipedia article.

Just giving credit where credit is due. :)

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