Question: How does the process work?


Purchasing a book on our website is an easy process. This list will detail the steps one takes from location of the book to getting the book to his/her hands.

Step 1: Find the book

This part is easy. Using the search field on the left side of the website, type in the ISBN or the title of the book you are looking for. Pressing enter will bring you to a list of search results (searching for an ISBN yields better results than the title does).

Step 2: View the book

Clicking on a book in the search results will either bring you to a page with more details on that particular book. There are two types of books that you can view on our website; those listed by other members such as yourself and those listed by other websites, such as Abe Books, Amazon, or

Step 3: Contacting the user

If the book you are viewing is being sold by a member of our website, you will be brought to a form that you can fill out to contact the member. Here you can suggest a meeting time and location. MAKE SURE YOU MEET IN A WELL POPULATED AREA. DON'T MEET PEOPLE IN A DARK ALLEY AT NIGHT. (The library may be a good location.)

Step 3 (foreign): Purchasing the book

If the book you want to purchase is being sold on a different website, you will need to first signup for an account for that website (assuming you don't already have one) and then you can make the purchase using the other website. MYBOOKSFORCHEAP does not guarantee results from other websites.

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